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Outsource your Energy Management.  TMG Energy Source (TMG) provides energy management and energy efficiency solutions for commercial and residential customers. More businesses need to proactively participate in overhead reduction programs especially when these programs are available at your fingertips. Whether your business requires a procurement analysis, a load response program, or an incentivized efficiency upgrade with rebates, TMG offers expert advice in how to approach these opportunities. With all the local and federal incentives available, allow TMG to uncover a full spectrum of accessible options. Managing your energy needs today will only ensure your business’ sustainability for the future.


Our Mission: To maintain a customer centric philosophy where our clients’ energy needs are consistently managed to meet their organizations short-term and long-term business objectives.


Performance Based Energy Management

Secure your organization’s energy cost reduction by allowing TMG’s Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP) to evaluate your organizations historical invoices for both electricity and natural gas savings potential. Take advantage of an “owner-representative” feature where TMG allows your organization to corner the market leveraging our portfolio of Retail Energy Providers against others allowing your organization to consistently take advantage of our expertise with an unbiased approach. (Read More…)     

Use Less. Spend Less. Go Green.

Learn about energy efficiency, going green, and reducing your carbon footprint. Through TMG and our strategic partners, our clients can take advantage of an Energy Manager whose main responsibility is to reduce your energy overhead. Understand TMG’s Life Cycle Cost Analysis approach, and your business will value our optionality: Retrofitting lighting/lighting design, upgrading HVAC technology, retro-commissioning an existing building, applying thermo-recovery technology, etc… (Read More…)

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